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Choosing a Home Care Agency in Cleveland, Ohio


Make an Informed Decision

In many cities throughout Ohio, you have numerous options for non-medical home care services, many of which can appear completely legitimate. Before making any decisions, you need to know the difference between a home care agency and an independent contractor as this can greatly influence the quality of care your loved one receives.  

Home Care Agencies

Monetary Responsibility

Home care agencies like Halo Home Healthcare are companies that employ people to provide services and take responsibility for taxes, payroll, insurance, bonding and Workers’ Compensation. This means that if our caregivers are hurt in your home, you would not be sued.

Employee Screening and Monitoring

Our agencies carefully monitor our staff and make random visits, ensuring quality care and keeping your family constantly in the loop. We take care of screening our employees, conducting background checks and continuing in caregiver training. 90 percent of the applicants we receive do not meet our standards. The average experience of a Halo Home Healthcare specialist is seven years.

Emergency Backup

In the event of an emergency, our home care agency is ready to provide caregiver backup with one simple phone call.  


Since home care service demands are constantly changing in every family, our agency happily accommodates your needs to increase or decrease the amount of care you receive. These services are there for you 24/7. Caregivers are even available on weekends and holidays.

Independent Contractors

Monetary Responsibility

Independent contractors require you to take responsibility for state, federal and FICA taxes to the appropriate tax authorities. It is your responsibility to find out what insurance policy these individuals have and to ensure that they do not sue you in the event that they are hurt on the job.

Employee Screening and Monitoring

Independent contractors are exactly what they sound like, independent. This means they have no formal supervision or accountability and it is your responsibility to conduct a background check on the person you hire. Their experience may vary which means no matter the level of help you need, you will be paying for the skills the person has.

Emergency Backup

There is no emergency backup when your independent home care provider is not available.


Having only one person available for home care means your service is limited to specific days and hours. When the employee needs time off unexpectedly, you are responsible to give it to them. Losing an independent healthcare provider means you are back to square one.

Choose the Agency You Can Trust

Halo Home Healthcare is the smartest choice for home care services in Cleveland, Ohio. You can count on our agency to provide individualized service from licensed professionals. Give us a call today to meet with a specialist and discuss a plan for your family member.

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